My Coachella 2017

My Coachella Experience began almost a year before the festival. I had seen the trending pictures on Snapchat with the flower filters and was thinking how awesome it would be to attend Coachella. Maybe someday…

A few days later my sister and friends call me: Coachella ticket go on sale in an hour, and they sell out quick, are you in? Caught of guard but full of excitement I said hell yeah!!!

Buying the tickets is nerve wrecking. Tickets go on sale a few weeks after the festival and once you log in you are in a queue with a stick figure guy that should be moving on your screen to the checkout area to buy tickets for weekend 1 or 2.


After and hour and a half of waiting for the dude to walk to the checkout point we finally got them!!! Wujuuuuu. It was time to say Coachella 2017, here we go.

Now to the price!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the price. My tickets were $400 for the 3 day festival and $60 the shuttle ($460 total). The best thing of buying the tickets in advance it’s that they offer a payment plan for 7 months. So it’s really worth buying it like that.

If you are doubting the shuttle, YES, YES, YES. $60 for a 3 day bus shuttle from a hotel nearby to your home/hotel to the event is totally worth it. Even more after hearing that prices on Uber can go up to $200 and the waiting time is insane. So yes to Shuttle passes.

Regarding accommodations, we rented an Airbnb Home. You will get all sorts of prices so the earlier you book it, the best!


One month before the festival you get you box with your tickets! It just looks magical. In it is all the information for the event, your bracelets and your shuttle passes. Don’t’ forget them.


With the logistics ready for the trip you need to prepare your Outfits! If you are in to fashion like me you want to be confortable but cute! Anything goes, face jewelry, hair chalk, cool sunglasses, hats, flowers. It’s your call!!!! And even though there are going to be thousands of people to admire the crazy fashion forward outfits, you want to look your best for your pictures!

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Getting to Palm Springs or Cathedral City

We flew to San Diego on a Thursday and rented a car for a 3 hour ride to Cathedral City where our house was. We took the long way and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the desert, mountains and wind turbines. It’s a little longer than the highway, but the views are breathtaking.

Once we got there we went shopping to load our fridge with food, (specially breakfast for all the days there), bubbles and beers! This was really a great idea because we saved on food!

Festival day

Day 1 Friday

Festival day was finally here and we were so excited to go. We got our outfits, makeup and screen protection and Ubered to our shuttle stop a mile and half away from home. Once you arrive at the festival parking lot, hundreds of busses arrive and you have to walk a mile to the main entrance. There is bike taxis but on my opinion too expensive. There will be several checkpoints where you can’t enter with liquids among other things.

Once you pass all this, there it is, the famous Coachella Ferris Wheel.


We got to Coachella at 1 pm. Big mistake!!! The day was extremely long, yes you are excited but the jetlag and heat started to kick in. By 12 am we where beat and ready to go to bed.


Day 2 Saturday

Today we decided to take it easy! Our house had a pool. So we stayed and grilled. It was really needed to recharge and enjoy the beautiful weather. This time we got to the festival at 7. A little to late LOL. But still enjoyed it very much and got to see Lorde and Lady GAGA.

I Forgot to mention, there are 8 stages in Coachella and many artists are playing at the same time. Their Coachella app is on point and has charts who is playing at each stage and sends you reminder with the times. So it’s a must to download it

Day 3 Sunday

Last day L We got there at 5, just perfect but believe me you are dead by day 3 and want it to be over LOL!!


Other info and suggestions

  • We stayed at Cathedral City and its right next to Palm Springs, which is beautiful dessert and palm tree scenery.
  • The crowd at Coachella is young. But you will see a few of us oldies, and even some family with their kids in strollers.
  • I protected my shoes with ScotchBrite. I bought in amazon Scoth guard for shoes. This  product to shield my shoes and it worked amazing against the dust.
  • Don’t forget your Sun screen
  • Extra chargers. Your phone will die!
  • Take a bandana to protect from the dust.
  • We rented a locker beforehand to keep our jackets and other things. The temperature drops at night!.
  • Monday we drove back to San Diego and enjoyed the day in the city.

Are you ready for Coachella 2018

With much love,


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